Thursday, April 5, 2007


Well, Jeannine and I had prepared our minds for the surgery but it had to be postponed because Jovee spiked a temperature of 103.5. Guess her body just wasn't ready. It's rescheduled for April 16th.
The doctor wanted to keep us quarantined because of the temperature. The main doctor talked to someone at Sacred Heart and whoever it was said that she's had an episode of C. Diff and should be confined. Jeannine and I became very not happy. Jovee had no signs of C. Diff (diarrhea and long term temperature). So I had to fight again. I told them that I absolutely 100% disagree with that decision and after the nurses agreed with us and talked to the doctor, after many hours, they agreed to let Jovee out of the room but until she has a bowel movement to confirm that she doesn't have C. Diff, Jovee can't touch anything. I guess it's better not being able to leave the room.
They're a little bit more relaxed here at Children's Seattle. I like it here better than Sacred Heart. The environment feels better. There's a lot to keep you busy.
She just had an X-Ray to check out if her cough could be pneumonia. Haven't got the results back yet. We had a good little walk about the hospital. This is a huge hospital. We went down to the 2nd floor to the play area and that's where I took the above picture, in the little flower garden area. It's a beautiful day today, sun is out and the temperature is really nice.

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