Friday, April 20, 2007

4th full day after surgery

Today's been a tough day for Jovee. Everytime she gets up she's whimpering, "Owie, Owie". She hurts a lot today and the nurses have been giving her lots of different pain medication. Man, it's really tough to see and hear her been in pain.

Dr. Waldhausen said that pathology examined the resected tumor and they gave word that it was dying and working it's way on becoming benign. Faith? Prayers? Mangosteen? Whatever it is, it was dying. Hopefully after the high dose chemotherapy all the cancer cells will go away forever. I really, really, really hope so.

The '93 Lexus broke down today in the middle of rush hour, around 9:00 am. I was telling Tyson that we're going to get to school on time then all of a sudden the car just dies on us. It's the alternator. We were stuck in traffic and the police officer stopped to direct traffic around us. Got towed to a auto repair shop called Walts Auto Care, got a ridiculous quote of $625.00 for a remanufactured alternator plus labor. What a ripoff. The manager, named Doug, quoted it on his screen and said to me, "Boy this thing must be made of gold". Whatever. I didn't know what the cost was going to be but thought because it was a Lexus that it would be that expensive. I authorized him to do the work but then called around. Got the alternator from an alternator shop from $167.00, bring back the core and get $20.00 off. So I'll just have them install it for $92.00 including tax because if I get it towedit would be about another $80.00. I hate it when people try to take people. Todd Munns is going to pick up the '96 Caravan in Cle Elum tomorrow. The social worker from Seattle Children's called Factotum and told them our situation and the owner of Factotum waived all of the $39.00 per day storage fee. That was really nice.

Our kids, Tyson, Brooke, and Bennet have adapted real well to all this change. When the Lexus died in traffic today, they didn't freak out or anything. They just do what they got to do and are very, very good. For all the change that's taken place since all this, they've done so well. I really appreciate them. We went swimming today at the Seattle Children's hospital on the 2nd floor. They all had a good time.

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