Wednesday, April 18, 2007


So, reviewing yesterday's surgery...

The surgical team actually started at 9:30 am, even though they took Jovee out of Jeannine's hands at 8:25 am. We got the new's that they were done at 3:44 pm and Dr. Waldhausen came to speak to us about the surgery at around 4:15 pm. I actually didn't get to see Jovee until about 6:00 pm.

When Dr. W told us that the 4 major risks did not happen (still have to wait to see about the leakage with the thoracic duct - but most likely won't happen but if there is leakage it will be very minimal) and finished talking with us, I reached over to give him a hug after he shook my hands. He hugged back...not the weak, cheesy pity hug but it was a very tight, real hug. Haven't been hugged like that before. An excellent compassionate doctor / father hug. He's really good.

I went to see Jovee with Tyson today around 1:00 pm. Toughest thing I've ever done so far in my life. I cried and cried and cried. Nurse asked me if I was OK and I just simply said no. Here's why:

Even though Jovee's been sedated all this time, when I showed up, she was halfway awake but still with her eyes swollen shut. She heard my voice and tears started coming out of her eyes even though she couldn't open them. I cried. I gave her a kiss on her cheek and on her right hand and talked to her some're going to be OK baby, I love you, I love you, I love you baby...a few more tears started to come down her eyes. Oh it was heartwrenching. I then asked her to sign language to me the colors of the rainbow, fish, ice cream, and I love you. She did it all with a wimper. She still was able to sign being in the condition that she was in as she responded to my request. The tears from her swollen, shut eyes was sooooooo difficult to see.

Then what made it harder was when I picked up Tyson to have him say hi to her, she heard his voice and felt his fingers touch hers. They're really good with each other and she tried so hard to open her eyes when she heard him. Oh that was sooooo hard to see.

Tyson did get emotional, almost cried and I said to him it's OK to cry. He was teary eyed when he asked me, "When is Jovee going to come home?". I explained to him everything, about recovery and all.

It was tough.

John L. Scott Real Estate team came and served a marvelous dinner for the people here at the Ronald McDonald House. Excellent mashed potatoes!

I met the Relief Society president today; she's the loving grandmotherly type. Bishop Shrever also came to the ICU and helped to give Jovee a blessing of healing. He's a good man. In the very beginning, opening of the blessing he said, "You're in good hands". That was very comforting because that's been said to her and us many, many times since the beginning of all this. It was very pleasant to hear those words again.

I tried to finish 2006 taxes today and tonight but just couldn't. I hope I don't get dinged too bad for filing one day late without sending the extension form in. I shouldn't owe anything so should be OK. Hope so.

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