Sunday, April 1, 2007


Well, we haven't made a decision yet on which way to go. I need to know 3 more things from the doctors before we make a final decision. Have to know if the high dose radiation will completely kill the tumor, more in depth explanation of the internal fluid leakage if we go with surgery, and the percentage of the stroke occuring.

After those questions are answered, we'll make a decision, take it to Heavenly Father, and wait for a confirmation. As a child of God, we are entitled to answers. Just like if Tyson asked me a question, I would give it to me. Ask, and we shall receive.


gumspit said...


gumspit said...

ok, I read your beautiful story. I was looking for a miracle. I have just been diagnosed with a very rare tumor and probably have metastatic cancer. I can't find out, because I can't get SSI, and I have no job or insurance, as I have been fired from my last 4 jobs for being sick. And you know what? I am a RN. An Operating Room nurse....when I read your words "I was not a Team Captain", my eyes filled with tears. You are a Team Captain in the truest sense. When I was 5 I had major surgery, and I still recall the love making it ok, taking away a lot of the pain, and making the rest bearable.You are a Captain in Heavenly Father's eyes and He wants you to know this. I cried when I saw the flower behind Jovee's ear. I will pray for her, and I am asking you to pray for me. Your family is beautiful.I hope you are showered with blessings, as you have given me strength, which I need, because I must now go back and get a job, whether or not I fail again, and I am in pain. I am a LDS member too, can you believe that? Thanks for posting the story. Your friend in Christ, Bernadette Bailey,RN