Monday, April 14, 2008

Biopsies underway

Jeannine and I prayed really, really hard when Toby, the nurse, poked her right hand. No problem, she got to the vein the first time. That was nice. Jovee still cried. I don't think the numbing cream really works. At the point of contact she squints and you can tell that she feels the penetration of the needle. She's been pretty quiet today. I think yesterday, playing with the cousins, really wore her out. She didn't have a nap and was up until 11:00 pm, still lively. Jeannine, Jovee, and I stayed up for about half an hour watching funny YouTube videos. Jovee likes watching the animal bloopers.

Anyways, we might get results back tomorrow but probably Wednesday. The doctor that is doing the biopsy of the liver said probably 48 hours but could be sooner. We are just hoping that whatever the results are that they will be 100% accurate. If it is spreading then we'll plan out the best plan of attack, which could be New York's Memorial Sloan Kettering. If it isn't spreading into the liver we still have to do something to attack the primary tumor because it shows growth. Go, fight, win!

One of the ladies here that is head of an organization called Candlelighters lost her husband at age 36 of cancer (April - didn't ask her how long ago), 12 year old daughter of cancer (August - same year), and her 10 year old son of cancer - all different types of cancer. We're amazed at her brightness of hope and positive attitude. She's a good person to talk to when we feel bummed out.

Anyways, Jovee should be just about done right now so we got to go. Thanks.

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