Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Oncologist just gave us the news: nothing to worry about right now on the liver. Did not show any evidence of disease. She just got the report so wants to go over it again but overall it looks good; good meaning no neuroblastoma on the liver. From what she said about the liver is it could have bleed because the surgeon took more than one sample. So more than one sample was examined and again, no disease but she's going to look at it again since she just got the report.
Jovee hasn't moved too much, just sleeping and laying on the bed watching TV. We're not supposed to move her much right now, have to be gentle on the area around her stomache. However long it takes for her to recover and be comfortable is fine with us. We just hope that she recovers well and that the bleeding will completely stop. Can't be too careful since it was internal bleeding.
Very thankful for the good news. She is considered in remission. For those who don't know, relapsed neuroblastoma is considered fatal. Not many, if any, relapsed neuroblastoma patients are cured, just prolonging of life.
As far as the primary tumor, it's still there. Could be ganglioneuroma. Dr. F thought we could explore the possibility of going to Seattle to have it looked at, second opinion, and ressected. Problem is that the tumor/ganglioneuroma is completely surrounded by blood vessels and arteries.
We'll stop thinking about tomorrow and just cherish the good day today of the great news.


Ellen Hanson said...

So Glad to hear good news re: the liver. I hope she is back to herself soon. If considering a difficult surgery, consider Dr. Michael LaQuaglia. He operates on "inoperable" kids, like mine, all the time. Best Wishes, Love, Ellen
http://www.loneliesthour.org-a resource for newly dx Neuroblastoma families

Nettie said...

I am happy to hear things sound good. That was scary for us all!!! I am always thinking and praying for you!!