Monday, April 14, 2008

Scary Incident

They didn't give her that much anesthesia, she had a hard time waking up from the biopsy...she became really pale so they wanted to monitor her more...come to find out that her liver bleed more than the doctors wanted to see...the blood flowed around her belly, not in her stomache...analogy is normal child has a full tank of blood at 14, she bleed a lot because of the liver biopsy, bleed down to half a tank of blood to a 6...they called us and asked us to come to Pediatric ICU...we got there before they transported her into room 308...all of a sudden all these surgeons and doctors came rushing in the room with all these medical terminology and "she's bleeding at the liver"...they hook her up to all these cables, Jeannine and I are just standing there, didn't know what they were doing...all we saw was she was white like the hospital blanket, her blood pressure is down to 64/34 on the monitor, the ultrasound doctor says she's got blood in the belly...

oh my!!! that was really scary. that was around 5:00 pm. now they're giving her blood and her heart rate and blood pressure and skin color is looking better. she's sleeping right now. they want to watch her over night so we're admitted for a day or two.

wow, what an eventful hour and a half!!!!! I was scared but have calmed down now.

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