Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Sombering day

Well, all in all, so far, it was somber news...the CT Scan from yesterday, April 8th, showed no change in the primary tumor on the left side....I say so far because we're waiting to hear about her VMA level (that's the urine sample that indicates neuroblastoma - high number, no good; lower, normal number should be around 8-10 on normal kids.) Jovee's # is still moderately high at around 27 and 29. What we are waiting on is the VMA, hopefully later today or sometime tomorrow.

The concern and disappointment is that there was an abnormal spot that showed on her liver (an area where neuroblastoma is known to show up at - well, neuroblastoma can show up wherever it wants to, really). So, one of 3 things:

1. She's had a bad sinus infection for the last 2 months and just the bugs/bacteria that's been going around could be what that spot on the liver is.

2. It's disease/neuroblastoma and is spreading.

3. It could just be some weird thing that showed up and wont' be there again when scanned again.

The MiBg done today will give us a better idea. Just waiting for results. Love the waiting part. Hopefully MiBg will show nothing (but sometimes the CT Scan can pick up things that the MiBg cannot and vice versa) and the VMA level will be steady.

But if the VMA level is higher than her steady upper 20's than the new spot on the kidneys will be a concern.

So the plan today is to wait for the results of the MiBg, wait for the VMA levels...we're planning to do a biopsy of the liver, bone / bone marrow sample, and possibly the primary tumor - all next week.

Another roller coaster of emotions today: waiting, anticipating, hoping for the best / planning for bad news, ...

Out of our hands, as it always has been. The natural man/woman in us needs to think unnaturally and always think big, think the big picture. Hard to sometimes, like right now.

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