Thursday, April 10, 2008

A New Day

Well, at least an hour and 15 minutes ago was a new day. I always try to think that what a blessing it is to wake up and start a fresh new day. Every day is a great blessing when I'm able to wake up again and learn from the previous day and have a better, improved day than the latter. Although yesterday was gloomy because of the new spot on her liver, today will be a good day because Dr. F will call first thing in the morning, at 8:01 am sharp, and the MiBg results will have been dictated and Dr. F will rethink what she saw on the CT scan and tell us "oh, I didn't mean to scare you, it was really nothing because the MiBg didn't pick up anything at all, no new uptake on the liver"...that's a new day, positive thinking, start your day with great news kind of day.

You know, Jovee's spirits have been very uppity. Yes, she's got the lingering sinus but she's definitely been very energetic lately. Yes, Tuesday's 7 poke day was tough but she's still very happy. Any time I want her to dance, I just bust out the tunes and she'll usually say, "Dancing with the stars" and do her groove thing. Yesterday, Wednesday, we were walking through WalMart and she was just chatting away and just happy has can be playing hide and seek. We were walking down the aisles looking for Jeannine and she was just yakety yaking...And tonight we had fun taking some movie star pictures. Brooke was sick when she got home today so she didn't join in. Usually Brooke and Jovee like doing the picture thing together.
We had her MiBg scan at 10 am today. We usually schedule it after lunch time because we try to plan it around her nap time. Even though we gave her Benadryl to try to get her to relax, she was wide awake during the whole scan, which takes about an hour. Like usual, she received no sedation. She put on her game face and laid there for the entire hour. She did get squirmy and cried several times but over all, for the little 3 year old champion that she is, she did great. The nurses are always surprised at how well she does. That's our little champion!
Thanks again to all that keep her in your thoughts and prayers. As the main theme of her blog states, "Believe In Miracles". If it's to be that a miracle takes place and all of her cancer goes away, than what a miracle! I oft times think that it's a miracle already, a daily miracle that we've had her for this long. Some parents of kids with neuroblastoma are currently experiencing much harder care than we are right now. I know every kid is different and at different stages of this fight. We're just glad to have her healthy right now and have her been pretty healthy overall. Be thankful for good health, for your good health, for your child's good health. Good health is...good.

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