Sunday, June 24, 2007


Our little friend Austin went home to Montana today; will miss his bright, happy personality. When not feeling sick he was just a ball of fire, a bundle of joy. Just a very, very happy boy. Thanks for keeping him in your prayers.

One thing we've learned is to just do something. The acronymns LDS should be "Let's Do Something", being a "doer of the word, not just hearers only". We appreciated so much when our home teacher, Bro. Hegwer, organized a cleaning yard night with the young mens. He'd always ask us, "Is there anything I can do for you" and we'd always reply no but he saw that our front and backyard needing a lot of help and just organized the work to be done. With Austin's family, because of being in a similar situation as them, we just gave them some help without asking them "what can we do for you?". Just look at what you think that person needs and just do something about it instead of just thinking about it. We've been the receipients of so many thoughtful people that "just do it" and always it's been a great help to us. So we're learning to just do it and not just ask if there's anything I can do, let me know.

My cousins arrived today from Denver and we've been hanging out with them all day today. They went to the hospital with us today. We had to go back for lab draws because Jovee's ANC was low on Thursday. Got the results back and they tripled by itself, up to 2,052, from 562, without any G-CSF. That was a nice surprise. We all went to the Seattle Space Needle. Man, looking out on the deck into the city of Seattle just made me miss Deer Park. It's so busy here, housing so close and so expensive; the traffic here helps me learn patience. I miss the two 4 way stop signs in Deer Park. Overall, Jovee gets better by the day. She's eating more and more on her own, even though it's not much most of the time. We continually have her hooked up to the pump and she gets almost 2 cans of Petamen Junior the last few nights. She had a great big smile on her face when she and Tyson rode the flying elephant ride on the grounds near the Space Needle. It's so nice to see her getting better and better everyday. I hope and pray that she continues to recover very well.

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ShielaLee said...

We sure appreciate your blog. Your sweet family remains in our thoughts and prayers. Sending our love and friendship!!

Brandon & Shiela Lee & Family!