Thursday, June 14, 2007

Normal Day

Nothing new today, just normal hospital stuff. A nice visit from Doug and Jeannine Carter. Doug was here on business so after his business engagements, they both stopped by to see us and Jovee at the hospital. So very nice to have visitors from home. Really good to get hugs from home. Jeannine Carter helped my Jeannine clean out our lunchbox room because we got to move to an actual apartment. We were staying in Building A of the Ronald McDonald House, which was a room similar to a double bed hotel room. We managed to do it for the last month but man, it sure is nice to actually have our own apartment with our own kitchen, 2 bedrooms, and a living room. It's quite a nice apartment so we're very thankful for it. I'm thankful to have our own kitchen. In Building A, we had a communal kitchen. All the families that were staying there had to share the kitchen and clean up after ourselves. Everyone shared the stoves and sink and dinner tables. So a good change.

The reason we were moved is because Jovee should be getting discharged this weekend, hopefully tomorrow, Friday evening, but most likely Saturday sometime. Because she's a transplant patient we get to have our own apartment, for isolated-safety reasons.

It's very nice to have our own place because it feels more like our own home away from home. It's great to have our own apartment with our own kitchen table. The kitchen table is great to have because it's a great place for bonding with the kids. We've slacked off on our food prayers but with our own setting, it will be much easier to get back into the routine that we had back in Deer Park home. I really, really like the kitchen table. Just a good opportunity to make bonding memories with the kids.

That's all for now. Hope everyone has a great, smile filled day. Didn't mean to be cheesy but smile lots :-) and smile :-) BIG.

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