Monday, June 11, 2007


The boys having a race. Bennet smoked Tyson.

I cut my left index finger, was a pretty good cut, lots of blood oozing out of it. Haven't been able to use it that well. I was complaining a little bit about it and then thought about Jovee. It's easier to deal with a little pain when I think about the pains that Jovee's been through. Nurses had to give her morphine just to change her diaper last week. The chemo basically eats you from the inside out and causes those sores and cuts, specifically in her vaginal area; thus the morphine. It caused her a lot of pain so to manage the diaper change, nurses would give her morphine, we'd wait 10 minutes, and then change her diaper. This process definitely minimized the pain and she was able to tolerate diaper changes better. So, thinking about the pains she had to go through made my little cut easier to tolerate.

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