Thursday, June 14, 2007

New Central Line

Snoozing right after the procedure to put in the new central line.

Another amazing hopeful day yesterday...ANC at an incredible 11,644. Yeah, that's nuts! That's also great because her body is like that X-Men super hero Wolverine, who has mutant powers that heal up wounds quickly.

Jovee's procedure to get a new central line in was at 3:00 pm. It's on the other side of her chest; now she's get battle scars on left and right side because of the central line. The procedure took about 2 1/2 hours and she was carted back to the room at 5:45 pm. Dr. Waldhausen again worked on her. We're comforted when we hear it's Dr. W since also this was the 3rd time he's operated on her. He did the major tumor surgery, removed the infected central line last Saturday, and today installed a new central line.

That's about it. Nothing too new. The kids get out of school on Friday. I went to the South Seattle Auto Auction today and bought a '98 Acura Integra. Should be a quick seller. Business has definitely been slower without me there. I like the car business a lot but have been thinking about opening up a Chinese restaurant in Deer Park, call it the Asian Sensation or Wok 'N' Roll. Just a thought...we'll see.


Anonymous said...

Ty I Love ya your a funny guy! That's for taking good take of my sister and babies. We (my family) are so excited and about our little Jovee we always knew she was special. What we didn't know was how many lives she would inspire by 2 years old and will continue as she gets older. I know she has taught me (don't sweat the small stuff)things will work out the way it is intened.. with prayer, faith and desire. Have a great day! Sue

Anonymous said...

If you start a Chinese restaurant can I be you food taste tester?