Saturday, June 16, 2007

Holy Meds

So we thought we'd have a break from the hospital scene but here's the scene that we came home with to administer to her. That's OK, whatever it takes to take care of our baby.

Bactrim, Zovirax, Ursodiol, Oxycodone, Nystatin Cream, Fluconazole, Benadryl, Tylenol, Zofran, Sunscreen.

She did OK today. Mostly wanted to lay on the couch. She took a couple bites of a banana and ate her favorite - corn dog (well, she rarely eats the dog, just the corn bread).


Misti said...

Hi guys. Just am so glad you are now in your own apartment. Bet the kids are happier about it. Sounds like Jovee is doing tons better. Just tell her Aunt Misti loves her and also tell Tyson, Benette and Brooke that I love them even if they dont love me. ha ha. We are now in Moab utah we are having a great time! Talk to you soon.

mike said...

hey guys. hope things are more comfy at home. your blog is incredible as are you guys! as tough as it is to read everything you're going through, it's great to see so much faith, love, and support. hasta...