Friday, June 15, 2007

Day 14

Nurses have just now taken Jovee off of Morphine, to Oxycodone. That's good news. I've never been happier to see a poopy diaper than just an hour ago. It wasn't watery diarrhea, as it has been, anymore; looked like baby carrot food, which means her stomache is healing also. Didn't mean to be that descriptive but what a wonderful diaper change.

Dr. Andrews, the current attending physician (the a.p.'s rotate a month at a time) came to do the daily check up and said, "She is recovering remarkably well" and (fishing for words, paused, and then...) "I've NEVER seen anyone recover this well and this fast." He's even an old seasoned doctor. He said kids that have gone through what Jovee just went thru at this time still have bad mucositis, among other side effects. It truly takes a minimum of 4 weeks to get where she's at.
We are going to be dishcharged tomorrow, Day 15!!!!!!!!!! Soooooo happppy!! So thankful for the miracles we've seen.

Prayers have helped with the healing process, I know. From everyone in Deer Park and Spokane, to my family and friends in Colorado, friends in Utah, the ward here in Seattle, Sister Price's mom in Las Vegas, family members in San Francisco, a new email friend from California, a former amazing Elder from Alabama that served in Spokane, to others across the United States that Beth Oiland (our wonderful neighbor in Deer Park) has summoned, we appreciate and understand more how multitudes of prayers can bless one little 2 year old. Just incredible and amazing! THANK YOU. Jovee has been walking around the past 3 days on her own.

Just sitting here watching TV and typing and a T-Mobile cell phone commercial came on - "Do you know karate cause your body's kick'in!" - on the commercial. That's so funny and dumb.

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