Monday, June 4, 2007

Excellent news

Had an ultrasound on her liver, spleen, and kidneys and they all turned out normal; no yeast infections. Also, the blood draw from yesterday morning all came back negative today so just like that, both types of yeast infection are gone and the other unknown bacteria is gone.

Coincedence or miracle? When they draw blood from her they get 6 vials of blood. The day we found out of the yeast and unknown bacteria was Saturday midday, 5 out of the 6 vials of blood were infectious. So incredibly right now it's all negative. Amazing. Yes, they treated her immediately with antibiotics but to clear that fast is pretty awesome.

She's still feeling really yucky, like the picture above...the mucositis is setting in because we can tell by the way she has a hard time swallowing her saliva, the sores do hurt her.

Tomorrow is Day 4. We're just hoping that her ANC jumps up soon and fast...and that, just like the surgery, she recovers faster than everyone expected.

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