Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Possibly another tumor?

The CT Scan today also showed there's a small mass on the left side of Jovee's chest...don't know what it is.

Back on 5/10/07 there was a scan that was done and this was the verbage from 2 different people:

Dr. David Rosenbaum - Impressions:

Left anteroapical MIBG deposition is of uncertain significance:

1. it may simply be some retained radiotracer in the distal portion of the central venous catheter.

2. the possibility of disease at the abnormal site cannot be excluded

3. I reviewed the CT scan and there is some soft tissue asymmetry in the region, but whether this is disease or change is not clear

From the radiologist, Dr. Paritosh Khanna:

Findings: A soft tissue is visualized in the left paraspinal area

Impressions: Soft tissue density in left paraspinal area may represent residual tumor. Areas of stranding in the left side of the neck may be related to surgery or tumor as well.

Need to investigate further. I questioned the doctor today and she didn't give me a straight answer on the finding. I was quite livid because I felt she wasn't straight up with me.

Waiting to hear from somebody.

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