Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Next steps...

Dr. Park, the top oncologist here at Children's, in yesterday's appointment, said that the infections that Jovee had while neutropenic were very, very dangerous infections and she was very pleased with how Jovee's body healed and recovered and fought those infections. We were very greatful to know, again, that her body was blessed with fast healing.

We have to stay here since she just got out of the hospital for maintenance. Even though she's been discharged, she's still not the firecracker Jovee that we know, still not at 100%. We have follow-up checkups on Thursday and next Monday again. We have to keep her well hydrated because Dr. Park said that the chemo is still in her body and still needs to be flushed out. After next Monday's appointment, we could go back home to Deer Park if all looks well. Everything should be fine so we'll be able to be home for the weekend for our niece's wedding. Then the follow up CT Scans and MIBG will probably be after the 4th of July. Then we'll know about that soft tissue mass...if it's another nueroblastoma tumor or just lymph nodes or whatever...anxious to know. Then radiation begins. Dr. Park said at least 3 weeks of radiation, possible 4 weeks if it is neuroblastoma. Radidation definitely has side effects but we'll cross that bridge when we get there. The good thing I guess is that that mass is only 1 inch in diameter. The main tumor that was removed by surgery was 4 inches in diameter so comparatively this should be killed by radiation, if it is neuroblastoma.

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