Saturday, June 16, 2007

Home Sweet Home

Well, not all the way to Deer Park home but I'm so excited to get out of here and get dishcharged. Jovee's last dose of Vancomycin, an antibiotic, is at 10 am, runs on the IV pump for 1 hour and THAT'S IT!!!!! She's done!!!!!

So the next step is another appointment with the main oncologist on Monday and then we'll map things out. The soft tissue mass is definitely a concern so we'll get tests done for that soon, we don't know when but soon. Results/findings on the mass will determine whether we stay here in Seattle or go back to Sacred Heart in Spokane. Oh I hope it's nothing and that she could do the remaining radiation treatments in Spokane.

From what I remember, she has 13 rounds of radiation. Don't know what it all entails, we've been focused on this phase. So we'll see on the radiation phase and what it holds.

Brooke got lost yesterday here at the hospital for about 15 minutes. We were on the 2nd floor playing at the playground and Jeannine had to bring Jovee back up to her room. Jeannine had started walking and Brooke wanted to go up with her. I was playing football with the boys and told her to go fast and catch up with mom. I guess mom was too far ahead. So the boys and I played for another 15 minutes, went back up to Jovee's room. A few minutes later the security guard came with Brooke and Jeannine and I looked at each other with the "I thought she was with you" look. Brooke was almost in tears and after we asked her questions she just broke down and bawled. Poor girl! She was so scared. Big hospital to get lost in.

Even though it's cloudy and light showery there is sunshine in my soul. I'm just so happy to be able to get Jovee out of here.

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